Creative Light & Sound, LLC
Creative Light & Sound, LLC

     We specialize in home theaters and surround sound, multi-room audio, networking and multiple-line phones, security systems and surveillance cameras, home automation systems, intercom, and access control systems. We tailor our services to your new or existing residential and small business needs.

     Security is a must-have in all new homes. Monitoring is provided locally by Telasco Alarm Services, Inc. Security cameras are becoming increasingly important, especially in businesses. Our system is fully operational through the internet so you can keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world through your computer or smart phone.

     Home theaters are quickly becoming a staple in many new homes. With structured wiring, it is easy to install or upgrade your system. We provide and install everything you need for a high-definition experience with surround sound, custom designed to exceed your expectations. We sell and install a variety of displays including cutting-edge internet capable 3D televisions and large high-definition projectors.

     Multi-room audio allows you to play music throughout your entire home. Bedrooms, kitchens, porches, and more can be fitted with speakers to let you listen to your favorite iPod playlist, Pandora Radio station, CD collection, or even the TV channel playing in the living room.

     Home automation is more affordable than ever before. We can install and configure many different devices in your home to operate from a single easy-to-use remote. Products include lighting controls, audio/video components, thermostats, garage door openers, and window shades. Dim the lights, close the shades, turn on the TV and start a movie with a single button.

     Every new home being built today should have the benefits of structured wiring. With the internet and technologies industries growing at an alarming rate, your home must be able to keep up. If you're not wired now, it can create more expense in the future and affect your resale value. We are wiring today's homes with tomorrow in mind. A family's lifestyle and needs will change as the years progress. Structured wiring gives you the ability to choose what you want to do with your home, not what your home is limited to doing. It's not just simple phone and cable TV jacks anymore; it's high definition television, whole-house audio, home networking, and intercom.

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